Lightning Fast Broadband, No Strings Attached

Here at AoNet, we make it our business to make internet access easy and affordable, no matter where you are. That’s why all of our broadband deals come with no strings attached. Our services have no fixed contract, no joining fees, no data caps, and certainly no termination fees.

What You Pay

First time installation of AoNet hardware is usually around $400 (GST included) for a standard install. You may end up paying more, but if you do, we’ll let you know before the installation goes ahead. AoNet works alongside locally based technicians to get the job done, so you’ll also be helping out your local community.

After that, you’ll be paying a set cost of $80 – $120 a month, depending on what region you’re in and broadband deal you choose. That’s it!

What You Get

Unlimited Broadband Internet, at 10 – 30 mbps download speed. What does “Unlimited” mean? It means we don’t charge by the megabyte, and we don’t set data caps on your internet connection. There’s no “X amount of data per month” to worry about, and provided you don’t exceed our terms of fair use, we won’t charge you a dime extra. Or a penny extra. Or anything extra, at all. More info on our terms of use can be found here.

If you’ve got any lingering questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Browse our deals by location:

Eskridge Farm Park

High speed unlimited VDSL copper broadband in select on-net rural subdivisions from $80 per month.

Hawke’s Bay

High speed unlimited wireless broadband from $80 per month.