Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my internet bill?

AoNet will send you a monthly invoice via the e-mail address you supplied us when you signed up. Our bank details (Enhanced Solutions Ltd) will be included with that invoice.

Your monthly invoice is payable in advance for that month of service. We accept payment by electronic banking, transfer, direct debit, or credit card. Direct debit payments need to be arranged with us prior to becoming due, and you’ll need to supply us with a mobile phone number to associate with the direct debit being arranged. If you wish to pay by credit card, you will be charged the extra bank charge for this facility.

We do not accept payment by cash or cheque.

When do I start paying my internet bill?

Bill payments are to be made in advance for that month of service. As such, your first internet bill is due immediately after installation. We’ll e-mail you your first invoice from us, which will include our bank details.

After the first invoice, your installation date becomes the monthly due date for our service. We’ll send you your monthly invoice by e-mail, 10 days before it is due.

What do my installation costs cover?

A typical installation will cost you about $350 NZD, GST included. That fee is payable to the installer, not AoNet. The money covers the travel and labor costs for that installer.

In return, they’ll set you up with all the equipment you need to enjoy AoNet broadband. We provide that equipment free of charge, including a Wi-Fi router that will most probably give you all the coverage you need.

In the event you decide to terminate your account with us, we may request that this equipment is returned to us.

How long is my contract for?

Your contract is for as long as you like. If at any point you feel the need to cancel your service with us, then just get in touch with us and let us know. We’ll collect our equipment back from you, and leave you free to find an alternative service without any hassle*.

*Note: Please ensure your account is fully paid up before cancellation. If you still have outstanding billing with us, it will come due once you cancel your account, if it hasn’t already.

What do I need to get AoNet Broadband at my house?

Two available power points, and clear line of sight to one of our radio sites. Often, our experience of other installations in your area will allow us to make a prediction. Once we have your address, we can advise you which hill top/s to look for. If you can see one of these hills from your roof, then it is highly likely you will be able to connect with us.

If we can’t get direct line of sight to your house, we can try a more complex installation. This might mean running a cable out to some place on your property that does have line of sight, or a remote hop from another powered building. That’ll cost extra, but we’ll discuss this with you before the installation goes ahead, and have one of our technicians prepare a quote for the install, so you know how much you’re paying, and what you’re paying for.

How much data can we use each month?

We don’t impose any data caps on our broadband, but if you’re using a truly massive amount of data each month, then we might decide that your data use is unreasonably excessive. For more information on what this means, check out our Terms of Use. If you’re in danger of excessive data use, then we’ll get in contact to let you know.

What do I need to do if I’m moving house?

If you’re moving house, but you’re still in the same area, get in touch with us about the move, and we’ll discuss options for moving your AoNet connection with you.

If you’re moving a little further afield, and won’t be able to receive AoNet coverage at your new location, then let us know a month prior to leaving, and we’ll allocate that month as “already paid”. Make sure you’ve stopped any automatic bank payments to us, and leave your router inside your house. If we have equipment to collect from you, make sure it’s available for collection. And if you’re happy to recommend us to the new folks, then we’re happy for you to do so.

Help! My Internet’s broken!

The best thing you can do is get in touch with us by logging a support ticket via our customer portal, or ringing us on 0800 100 534.

But before you do that:

  • Make sure your router is OK. Ensure it’s properly plugged in, and none of the cables are damaged.
  • Take some photos of your gear, especially the lights on the equipment, and where your equipment is plugged in
  • Try turning everything off at the wall, waiting for a few minutes, and then turning it back on again.
  • Check your radio dish is still facing the right way
  • Check the AoNet status page for any network outages, if you’re able.

Going through these steps may or may not resolve the problem, but it will provide you (and us!) with useful information to help narrow down what the problem is.

Help! My internet is suspended!

The best thing you can do is get in touch with us by logging a support ticket via our customer portal, or ringing us on 0800 100 534.

Invoices that are 30 days overdue will result in an automatic suspension of internet access. Please arrange to make your payments on time each month – an automatic payment each month is a great way to avoid this.

If you are fully up to date with your payments, and your internet has been suspended, then contact us as soon as you can, if we haven’t already contacted you.